Magnetic Island RSL

Our Charter

The ‘Sub Branch’ is the RSL in action in the local community. Its role is to serve the needs of its members, other members of the ex-service community and members of the ADF and their dependents in the close geographic area to the Sub Branch.

What We Do

The RSL achieves the aims of its charter by:

  • Providing a means for members to enjoy camaraderie and mateship;
  • Providing welfare and social support services to those members and other ex-service men and women when they require it;
  • Providing advocacy and representation for all ex-servicemen and women regardless of their membership in the League as required;
  • Running commemoration and remembrance activities in the local community and supporting education activities;
  • Supporting democratic principles and practices and fostering good citizenship among the young people in the local community;
  • Managing RSL assets for the benefit of its members; and
  • Providing a respected and meaningful voice within the local community.

Committee Member Duty Statements

Each of the committee positions are detailed in their duty statements which can be read by clicking HERE. *new*

Our History

The League evolved out of concern for the welfare of returned servicemen from the (1914 – 1918) first World War.During 1916, a conference recommended the formation of The Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia (RSSILA) which included representation from Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. New South Wales was admitted to the League the following year, and Western Australia in 1918. In 1927, the Australian Capital Territory formed a branch and was admitted.

In 1940, the name of the League changed to the Returned Sailors’ Soldiers’ and Airmens Imperial League of Australia (RSSAILA), and a subsequent change of name took effect in 1965, as the Returned Services League of Australia (RSL). Two more name changes occurred, in 1983 to Returned Services League of Australia Limited (RSL) and in 1990 to Returned & Services League of Australia Limited (RSL).The objects of the League remain relatively unchanged from its first incorporation.

RSL badge symbolism

At the top of the badge is the Crown signifying allegiance to Queen and country. Below the crown are the national flowers of Australia, Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland – the wattle, the leek, the rose, the thistle, and the shamrock. In the centre of the badge are a sailor, soldier, an airman and service woman who are marching with their arms linked, symbolising friendship and that all services, and all ranks, are united in comradeship. The red of the badge is symbolic of the blood tie of war. The white background stands for the purity of motive – and to render service without personal gain. The blue is a symbol of willingness to render service to a comrade anywhere under the blue sky.The badge may only be worn by members of the League.


Quick Messages

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